Chores & Activities Add On Pack


Product Description:

40 beautifully illustrated magnetic chore & activity cards.

Use with your magnetic planner to plan out the week ahead with your busy schedule in mind. Magneplan takes the invisible work that goes into running a home and makes it visible which helps communicate and share the domestic load.

Points system based on actual minutes it takes to complete tasks per week in the home. children can take on more jobs as they get older. Everyone does their bit to make a house a home.

20 activity cards with good mix of social, physical and artistic activities. Helps children understand what the plan is for the day.


– 6 magnetic good habit cards
– 14 magnetic household chores cards
– 20 magnetic activity cards

Delivery Dates:

  • Delivery within Ireland: 2-6 working days
  • Delivery to UK: 4-7 working days
  • International Delivery: 1-4 weeks